среда, 31 октября 2012 г.

On Clean Coders episodes 6 through 8

Just watched the episodes 6, 7 and 8 of Clean Coders codecasts, namely, "TDD part 2", "Architecture" and "SOLID principles", and just could not stay silent about the awesomeness of this works.

First of all, "TDD part 2" has almost half an hour of peeping over the shoulder of the Uncle Bob while he does the Bowling Kata (yeah, I know that Bowling Kata is boring to death this days, because it's just like everywhere, but nevertheless) and this is just awesome: you can not only watch the proper TDD in action, but the workflow with modern auto-refactoring IDE (IntelliJ IDEA was used there). Don't know what's more inspiring to  hardcore Viperized EMACS user like me.

Second, "Architecture" has the greatest and cleanest explanation of clean functional separation between different parts of modern-style application built with OO principles in mind. I even redrawn it on paper to learn it by heart, but, I suppose, I cannot reproduce it because of legal issues (judging by the licences for codecasts, Uncle Bob is pretty strict about legal issues).

And third, "SOLID principles" expands "Architecture" even more and adds a lot of details to the methods of designing programs cleanly. If you (like me) never worked in serious IT consulting before (say, you're a fresh graduate from some university), you'll be able to get many, many good advices for building/maintaining your next application.

I really think that this three episodes are really core to the whole series and if you cannot afford all of 14 episodes, then go buy "Clean Code" and then only this three episodes. You just don't understand what you miss, honestly.

As for me, I'm ashamed of my early projects now and want to rewrite them all from scratch badly. :(