суббота, 27 августа 2011 г.

The ALCALC — Mathematical modelling of explosions, filtration processes and electrochemistry as liquid flows

My current science research (in pursue of Ph.D degree) is in field of mathematical physics. I am doing some cool stuff with representing the processes of explosion, filtration and electrochemistry as flows of ideal liquid. There are some hard-boiled math with Complex Complex-value functions. Project is a program in Haskell to be able to set initial parameters and get a schematic chart representing the final area and edges of process. Finding precise form of edges (coordinates of points at edges) is the current goal.

To make my work public I set up a project at GitHub. Just updated it with READMEs and such. You may look at draft theses in article/ directory. They are in Russian, however. I plan to make an international version when there will be enough material.

Project is here: AFCALC at GitHub.

Here I, as usual, will record some useful commands for using Git to not forget them.

Git commiting

To add files to index:
git add <filenames>
Directory names will be processed recursively.
To remove files from index:
git rm <filenames>
If filenames was removed outside of Git, I need to commit this change with
git commit -a
To sync my *master* branch with *origin* remote branch at GitHub:
git push origin master
Params to connect to remote branch are already configured in my git project.
To record my changes to current (*master*) branch:
git commit
Git then requires me to write a description to commit.
To show status of version controlling of AFCALC:
git status